Precast concrete construction, which includes hollow-core floor slabs, structural beams and columns, as well as wall panels, is increasingly popular in today’s construction industry.

Hollowcore products are a manufactured concrete-based product using reusable molds or “forms” which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted/craned into position. A controlled environment within a tightly monitored manufacturing process ensures a constant high standard in every piece. Installation is simple, quick, and reliable.

Precast concrete products are everywhere. They play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean, healthy and productive environment.

Properly installed precast products ensures a strong and sustainable structure that will last for generations. In contrast, cast in place concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site. Even if on site pouring has been the common practice for years in the constructions industry, it will always be dependent on weather and may be affected by humidity levels or varying temperatures. Precast concrete products tends to be less expensive and more time efficient than the standard concrete pouring process.

Precast Concrete Advantages

The increased use of precast concrete products has produced many advantages to both the contractor and the end user. Some of these advantages include:

A yearlong construction period

Weather in a cast in place environment, can play a big role on the outcome of a construction project. We all know construction projects, regardless of size, will have tight schedules with some even having possible penalty clauses for delays. Delays caused by bad weather need to be controlled. While we cannot control the weather, we can control what is affected by it. And in so doing we can minimize the impact on the construction site in addition to possible consequences for the paying customer.

The use of precast concrete reduces weather related risks and delays by ensuring production is kept indoors followed by “on time” delivery. Once delivered, on site installation is immediate.  

Quick installation

Once delivered, installation is handled by the professionals at Able Crane. Our operators of trained to lift precast concrete pieces into place using the latest in crane technology. Our installers have years of experience placing concrete units based on stamped drawings. Once placed, grouting and finishing is completed to produce a solid structure ready for finishing trades.

Environmentally friendly

In today’s world we all have a responsibility to do our part in keeping the environment safe. But doing so should not entail lowering the standards and compromising the end results. Precast concrete products are environmentally friendly and can even help attain valuable LEED points. If the industry is gravitating towards green solutions and if the construction industry wants to do its part, precast is a big step in the right direction.


Precast Concrete Saves Time and Money

Precast concrete products add tremendous value to the industry and ultimately to the customer who chooses to use them. Precast offers: quality, versatility, sustainability, durability and lower lifetime costs.

  • More cost effective than traditional building methods
  • Less labor is required leading to lower costs
  • Flexibility in design, shape and architectural finish
  • Extremely durable and sound resistant
  • Requires no additional fireproofing

The Able Crane Advantage

Able has been in business for over 45 years. Over that time period, we have seen and experienced many changes in the craning industry. But our overall commitment to our customers remains the same as it was on day one: be the best craning company in the province with the best customer service at all times. Anyone can say it, but delivering on that commitment is the challenge. This entails an ongoing process of maintaining the best and latest equipment available. Cranes have evolved tremendously, triggering an ongoing need to hire, train, and upgrade our compliment of crane mechanics. We hire the best because maintained units on a customer site is your best advertisement. Being proactive in maintaining our equipment serves everyone’s best interests. Ongoing preventive maintenance in our state-of-the-art facility will always take precedence over major onsite repairs.

While a fully trained maintenance facility ensures our customers get the best equipment, we are equally proud to showcase our compliment of crane operators. Erecting precast concrete can be very challenging. It requires total attention to details. Our operators are trained to look at safety at all levels. Our safety procedures are discussed regularly with input from all areas of our business. As a result, our Workers Compensation Annual Premium Rate for 2022 will once again be the lowest in the industry. This is our commitment to the families of our staff and to the customers who use our services. Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment.

A customer’s construction site is a means of showcasing its core values. The placement of precast products is a part of that construction site for all to see. At Able Crane, we are proud to be part of that process and look forward to satisfying our customer needs.