Stros Man Material Lift

Our hoisting lifts are available for long term rentals anywhere in the province.

The NOV 3238 UP F7 construction hoist provides a cost-effective solution to the vertical transportation of materials, equipment and personnel on any construction site. The 7000 lbs. / 3200 kg capacity puts this hoist at the top of the class for on-site work horses. 

Our hoist takes Project Manager concerns into account by providing construction solutions from inception to completion. In doing so, they help dramatically boost productivity and safety, saving project managers both time and money.

NOV 3238 UP F7

Man and Material Hoists Rental

Our intercoms connect with a unit inside the hoist car for the operator and can include volume controls, alarm functions and battery power backups. All intercom units are weather-resistant and ideal for the temporary construction equipment industry. We can also supply landing “notice” buttons on each landing to inform operators of workers calling for the hoist.

The NOV 3238 UP F7 comes with the following specifications:

  • Overload protective device
  • Car C-Gates
  • Self-erecting mast after initial base install
  • Erecting Platform
  • Electric Erecting Crane
  • 7000 lbs. capacity
  • Enclosure C-Gates
  • Mast 6MM Dual
  • Ground Enclosure
  • Intercom System for all floors
  • 200 plus feet of mast
  • Adaptable for double hoist usage

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Efficiency and Safety

At Able Crane Services Ltd. we realize the importance of efficiency and safety on all job sites. Project managers face tight schedules, manpower issues, and safety concerns that impact not only the job site itself, but all aspects of the project from start to finish. Handling materials and transporting personnel on multi story buildings has been an issue of concern since the very inception of construction. The demand to get personnel and material to various levels of a high-rise project has preoccupied every General Contractor resulting in Able Crane Services’ investment in a state-of-the-art hoisting system. 

We are proud to partner with UCEL who currently boast over 700 units operating in North America in markets ranging from Toronto to New York. Their service and reputation make them leaders in the vertical transportation industry. Their support is second to none. They take pride in being Canada’s oldest and most reliable construction hoist company. Able Crane Services’ extensive research on material hoisting led us to select a Canadian company with 55 years of expertise in high-quality and industry-leading custom landing equipment.