POWERFUL LIFTING PERFORMANCE - capacity ranges from 40 to 270-tons and reaches heights of up to 330 feet.

All-Terrain Crane

Construction sites are often hazardous, and you need a vehicle that can navigate the jobsite safely. An excellent option for uneven surfaces is an all-terrain crane.

This type of large mobile crane works well on both rough and smooth surfaces and can be driven to any jobsite location.

230 TON


275 TON



  • Suitable for use in a variety of weather conditions.
  • They easily maneuver through a multitude of surfaces.
  • Easily travels from site to site.
  • Capable of reaching up to 80 km/hour on highways or smooth terrain.
  • Powerful lifting performance – capacity ranges from 40 to 1,000 tons and reaches heights of up to 500 feet.
  • Very versatile and can easily adjust to meet different requirements, making them ideal for multi-use jobsites.
  • Offer exceptional visibility from the cab to provide operators with a full view of the work area.


  • Ideal for remote construction sites with no road access.
  • Commonly used for the installation of oil and gas pipelines, the erection of wind turbines, lifting of heavy pre-cast concrete building segments and other construction and heavy haulage applications.


  • Often heavier than rough terrain cranes.
  • Some models need outriggers.

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