HOISTING CAPACITY OF SMALL CRANE - capacity ranges from 8 to 28 tons and reaches heights of up to 95 feet.

Boom Truck Cranes

A boom truck, or picker truck, generally refers to a hydraulic crane mounted onto a commercial truck chassis. Boom trucks have the hoisting capability of a small crane, along with the mobility and towing capacity of a flatbed truck surface and can be used to transport loads. With basket attachments, boom trucks can also act as hoists to safely lift personnel to work at heights.

Able Crane Services offers a variety of boom trucks that can cater to a multitude of needs and can lift anywhere from 18 tons to 28 tons.

14 TON


Boom: 82.3′

28 TON


Boom: 95′


  • Boom trucks are extremely versatile, and can perform as cranes, flatbed trucks, or hoists to lift personnel on to elevated worksites.
  • Traditional cranes can require extensive setup and site preparation; because boom trucks are attached to one mobile machine, this results in a quicker setup.
  • Boom trucks easy to move around a site and take up less space.
  • There is less setup required with a boom truck, saving time and money.
  • Additionally, because the boom truck can perform multiple tasks, it can save you money on having to rent other pieces of equipment.


  • Boom Trucks are essential in a variety of different industries, as they often used to assist workers in accessing high places; they also aid in transporting and lifting heavy equipment.
  • Boom Trucks often used in the following industries:
    • Electric Utility and Telecom
    • Lighting and Sign Maintenance
    • Construction
    • Forestry, Tree Care, and Landscaping
    • Exterior Painting
    • Window Washing


  • The type of boom truck needed for your job depends on the terrain and the workload at your jobsite.
  • The weight of the boom truck, the weight of any load that will be lifted or carried, and the ease with which the vehicle can be maneuvered should be considered.

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