EXTREMELY VERSATILE - capacity ranges from 9 to 18 tons and reaches heights of up to 60 feet.

Carry Deck Crane

Carry deck cranes offer versatility and high-speed movement of material throughout your jobsite and feature smaller options that provide a 360º rotating boom. Carry deck cranes allow you to pick up material from one side of your job site, load it onto the crane deck, and transport it around the site, all with one piece of equipment. Carry deck cranes also offer a low profile, allowing travel through confined spaces with high maneuverability.

Carry deck cranes are versatile pick-and-carry cranes.



Boom: 30′

18 TON


Boom: 60′


  • With their small and convenient size, carry deck cranes are built for a variety of work site tasks.
  • Built for lifting material that needs a low-profile and compact crane.
  • Their size makes them extremely versatile, and an ideal crane when operating in narrow spaces or around overhead obstacles.


  • Transporting materials across short distances.
  • Multiple industries from steel to construction, use carry deck cranes.

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